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You don’t have to risk seeing a physician in person during the coronavirus outbreak. Olive Health offers “virtual doctor visits” to all of its patients.

In exchange for a flat monthly fee, you get access to our practice when it’s most convenient for you.

Virtual visits are typically for less serious illnesses such as urinary tract infections, sinus infections, allergies, heartburn, and constipation. Prospective patients can call our office or sign up online. In exchange for this access, you pay a small monthly fee between $15 and $125 dollars depending on your age.

That fee allows us to provide the best care and do what makes the most sense for you, the patient. For the coronavirus, specifically, what it helps us do is keep healthy people out of the office, keep them at home, and help us triage the sick. Patients receive a blood pressure monitor, thermometer, and additional equipment to check oxygen and heart rate. Seriously ill patients are seen in person.

Virtual visits are the future of primary care. Want to see what we can do for you? Please contact us!

Experience for Yourself Why Olive Health is Healthcare Simplified.

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