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Healthcare. Simplified.
Now more than ever.

You don’t have to risk seeing a physician in person during the COVID-19 outbreak. Olive Health offers telehealth (virtual doctor visits) to all of its patients.

Why Direct Primary Care?

Your Partners In Health

We care for patients of all ages and are committed to providing affordable, compassionate, primary care for the whole family.

Lower Costs

We have no co-pays, and big savings on labs, generic medications & imaging tests. And did we mention you can make unlimited visits to see us?


Enhanced communication tools allow us to provide care on your terms. See us in the office, via text, phone, or telehealth. Expect on-time appointments.

Direct Primary Care In The News

From Forbes

Direct Primary Care Trumps The ACA For: Value, Quality And Satisfaction

America’s current healthcare debate is plagued with confusion and misalignment.

We have a diverse landscape of players and agendas where legislators, multi-tier bureaucracy, health insurance companies, hospital systems, the pharmaceutical industry, patient advocacy groups and organized medicine all take part in deals that have replaced your healthcare with a “qualified health insurance plan.” …Read more ›

From the Wall Street Journal

With Direct Primary Care, It’s Just Doctor and Patient

Patients pay a monthly fee for a range of basic services, eliminating the insurance middleman

There’s no waiting room at Linnea Meyer’s tiny primary-care practice in downtown Boston. That’s because there’s rarely a wait to see her. She has only 50 patients to date and often interacts with them by text, phone or email. There’s no office staff because Dr. Meyer doesn’t charge for visits or file insurance claims…Read more ›

From Business Insider

A new kind of doctor’s office that doesn’t take insurance and charges a monthly fee is ‘popping up everywhere’ — and that could change how we think about healthcare

Direct primary care is a small but fast-growing movement of doctors who don’t accept insurance and instead charges a monthly membership fee. At a time when many are feeling pressure from high healthcare costs, direct primary-care models can be a cheaper alternative that offers perks like quick access to doctors and sometimes wholesale prices on medications or lab tests. Read more ›

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